Offshore Essential oil Rig Work - Do you want Experience?
Posted on : May 12, 2013  Views : 548
Should you be looking for a high paying, challenging and satisfying career there is absolutely no better market than the ocean going oil market. To get a work on an offshore oil positioning rig without experience may be possible, you just need the proper information, very good attitude and also the willingness to perform some hard work.

You have a pair of main possibilities if you want to have a job with an offshore exploration rig, the most frequent approach folks think of is to buy on board within a exploration crew. In case you have drilling expertise you can start as a pumpman or derrickhand. If you don\'t have any earlier experience similar to other industries you will have to discover the skills and also prove your self.

The best place to start out without experience is to get a new roustabout or roughneck place, which is generally a general laborer before you work your way up to Driller that is 2nd responsible from the platform manager. Even though roustabouts are only standard laborers you\'ll still earn close to US$50,000 per year for about 6 months work.

As being a roustabout or roughneck unlike a normal worker, who never gets the chance to move up to manager placement, a roughneck using the proper perspective, has a sensible chance to be a manager with an oil system. However, is actually a program will have to come through derrickhand as well as driller.

Drilling efforts are not the only strategy to a profitable career with an oil rig, if you have any electrical or perhaps mechanical industry you can get a task in the electric motor room or in the electric department. Culinary experts are always necessary as well and also a medic. Despite the modern technology the oil rig is a dangerous place along with accidents can occur and a team is required fully briefed.

When looking for employers many people merely think about the huge players like Esso, Shell, Blood pressure, etc nevertheless what a large amount of people don\'t comprehend it that these businesses rarely do their own positioning these days. The big companies usually contract over to smaller gamers like Precious stone Offshore (Houston, USA), Frigstad Ocean going (Singapore), Offrig Drilling ASA, Songa Offshore and Thule Drilling ASA, Dolphin Drilling (Tananger, Norway) or Scorpion Just offshore just to name just a few.

The ocean going oil companies are a great spot to get a rewarding career so you don\'t need burrowing experience to get started. The big firms are not your current only alternative and with the right point of view and the will to do a number of hard work it is possible to you can get inside as part of the routine crew, or even as a plumber.

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