Purchase invoice with payment guarantee
Posted on : May 12, 2013  Views : 619
Now probably think: What is this strange question? But works exactly that way today, a large part of the trade on the internet.

In shops that offer paymorrow, which is now on the Internet exactly as you know it from real stores.

Strictly speaking, even better, you do not even have to pay immediately at the cash register, but have 21 days to transfer the money. Or pay your purchases in convenient installments - just as it suits you best.

Higher conversion rates, fuller carts, reliable cash flow and integrated payment guarantee, these are just some of the benefits you enjoy when you offer in your shop paymorrow the purchase invoice.

Imagine, you can pay all your bills in open paymorrow convenient rates and remain financially flexible.

You think that does not work? But: The paymorrow-installment it\'s really easy. For buyers choose the online shopping with paymorrow between the paymorrow-invoicing and payment of paymorrow rates.

Specifically, you can determine which open paymorrow bills you pay in installments and what you pay within the credit period of 30 days! It\'s that easy ...