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Iowa Inventor to Exhibit Visor Cooling Cap at America's Largest Invention Show
Posted on : April 25, 2013   Views : 903
InventHelp\'s INPEXâ, America’s Largest Invention Trade Show, announces that Deborah Bails, from Malvern, Iowa, has invented headgear that incorporates a cooling crystal locked within an inner lining band. This patent-pending invention will be exhibited at INPEXâ 2013, June 19-21, in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Currently there are limited alternatives to shield a person’s head from the sun, while, at the same time, can provide cooling comfort. “Visor Cooling Cap” is a unique cap that not only cools the wearer, but it also absorbs perspiration. Traditional caps and visors are typically worn to protect the eyes from bright sunlight or as a fashion accessory. Visor Cooling Cap can be worn to protect the eyes, face, cool the head and absorb perspiration – all in one stylish accessory.

Visor Cooling Cap is comprised of a common cap and a sweatband lining that has a cooling crystal locked within the band. The sweatband is secured within the bottom rim of the cap by thread, glue, fasteners, etc. The damp band around the head provides the user with a cooling sensation, and together with the crown that can be flipped over to allow ventilation. Visor Cooling Cap shields users against heat exhaustion by blocking the sun away from the face with an open visor type baseball cap to allow heat to escape from the head. The visor does not wrap around the head, but rather is a U-shape band that clamps around the front of wearers head. This way the Visor Cooling Cap will not leave an indentation from the cap at the back of the head and will allow the body to ventilate excess heat away from the head.

The inventor was inspired to think of her invention after nearly suffering heat stroke during a morning walk. “I am an avid walker and one morning temperatures reached 80° by 8am,” said Bails. “I was not prepared. The cap I had on did not allow the heat to escape and I suffered heat exhaustion. I was very close to heat stroke.”

Bails is exhibiting at INPEX with the hopes of finding a manufacturer, distributor, venture capitalist, licensee or importer/exporter.

INPEX, The Invention Show, is a unique trade show that showcases new products and innovations that are available to business and industry to manufacture, license or distribute. As part of the trade show, The Invention Show sponsors INPEX Inventors University™, a series of seminars, presentations, and panel discussions to provide information that inventors may find useful in pursuing their ideas. This year, INPEX is proud to announce Reichart Von Wolfsheild and Scotty Ziegler, of History Channel’s Invention USA, as the 2013 keynote speakers. INPEX 2013 will be held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh.

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