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mobile office laptop has become an inevitable trend
By: Mike Haston
Posted on : August 31, 2010   Views : 214705

With the Internet

, the rapid popularization and development of electronic commerce, mobile office laptop has become an inevitable trend, the need for its existence laptop decided it increasingly like a large contingent of users. However, many persons were on the notebook for everyday use, lack of maintenance knowledge, and objective problems caused by the use of laptop occur repeatedly. Sometimes unexpected accidents occur, so that the economy has suffered its own, and even affect the normal work.

Notebook should be kept clean, the screen please use glasses cloth.

Keep hands when used dry. Particularly in the summer, staff easy sweating, please use computers to hand-wipe clean, so that when using a laptop keyboard infiltrate Khan, Er Shi keyboard to play no words, or skips words, even words and so on.

In addition, when using a laptop, please be careful not to food, water, etc. into the keyboard, so keyboard dirty surface coat material, thus affecting the life of the keyboard. If inadvertently spilled into the keyboard will drink, wash immediately to avoid corrosion of the keyboard circuit module; motherboard, optical drive, floppy drive and other components short circuit burned out, resulting in unnecessary losses.

Please do not carry out the demolition of the computer repair. Notebook computer sales in the process, the general agents have sold their computer to mark the fragile article. If the user privately disassemble damage caused by the fragile articles, will be treated as warranty machine. At the same time, users point and area due to lack of expertise may be caused by the disassemble parts damaged, lost, thus affecting the normal use of the whole machine.

Some users like to be a number of miscellaneous articles on the laptop package, this time must be careful not to put sharp things and a notebook. There is usually to use computers, we must develop a good habit, is used after the CD-ROM or floppy drive, be sure to remove them from the drive. As due to personal negligence, these things were forgotten in the notebook. At this point your laptop on in a state of instability, because the constant shaking and vibration will make the disc in the laser head or head crash, which damaged the drive, the drive to know the notebook is quite expensive. I hope the user must have a certain degree of vigilance.

Notebook stage a high-tech products, processes fine, but the damage than the common parts. Make regular backups of useful data, therefore, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Some users may be a result of taking into account the needs of the various types of software will be loaded into the computer, so once to advocate for non-crash, will also computer slow frequency speed involved.
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