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Javlin Releases Next Generation Data Integration Software with CloverETL 3.0
By: Mike Haston
Posted on : September 1, 2010   Views : 198895

Javlin, a leader in data integration software and solutions, today announced the release of CloverETL 3.0, the next generation of its current software platform.

According to Michal Tomcanyi, Javlin’s Chief Technology Officer, “CloverETL 3.0 represents our commitment to innovation in data integration -- a platform built with the developer in mind. The next generation of CloverETL brings a significant performance boost by introducing a more powerful Clover Transformation Language, named CTL2, which is a robust way to define and utilize business rules during data design.”

Tomcanyi added, “CTL2 also enables easier data processing and with robust design-time validation, it saves a great amount of developer’s time. The bottom line is that CTL2 makes Clover easy to use and helps developers work mistake-free.”

CloverETL 3.0 also provides greater features for cluster and cloud configurations. Tomcanyi stated, “Clover is the most cost effective and scalable data integration software on the market today. Now, with next generation 3.0, customers can start small and grow towards a cluster of servers. Our community likes that because they don’t have to immediately invest in a large system. Once their need grows, they know CloverETL will be ready.”

CloverETL 3.0 also enhances the opportunity for distributed transformation processing. This powerful feature that many companies with complex tasks rely on, allows a single transformation to be distributed among multiple nodes and run in parallel. Not only does CloverETL 3.0 enable significant acceleration, but it also allows businesses to minimize hardware and operational costs with this important benefit.

About CloverETL 3

Several important features dramatically improve performance, ease of use and business rules integration. More info is available at New features include:
• New Generation of CTL Language – “CTL2”
• Distributed Transformation Processing
• Data Dictionary full support in Designer
• Fact Table Load Wizard
• Server Modularity through OSGi

About Javlin

Javlin is a premier provider of data integration software and solutions. Its leading software platform, CloverETL, provides users the ability to manage data solutions such as integration, migration, cleansing, audit, synchronization, consolidation, Master Data Management and Data Warehousing. CloverETL software is platform independent and scalable with a smooth upgrade path. It is also easily embeddable thanks to its small footprint. More than 2000 customers now use CloverETL worldwide. In addition to development of data integration products, Javlin offers software solutions, custom software development and data integration consulting services. (